Xcelgo provides virtual automation software and consulting services for 3D modeling along the life cycle of automated material handling systems. We cover several industries including manufacturing & assembly, baggage handling, distribution centers and robotics.

Our ambition is to eliminate risk in your automation project. We support you with knowledge, software, and resources for getting the optimal benefits of modern computer modeling.

Virtual automation software based on cross-functional experience

Our team consists of programmers and consultants with backgrounds in industrial IT and controls for automation, 3D modeling for simulation, OO software development, and system commissioning. Our virtual automation software is based on our experience in these areas and supports the entire life-cycle of automation systems.

Xcelgo (previously known as SimCon) is headquartered in Ry, Denmark and was founded by Aksel Jørgensen in 1996. Xcelgo is a member of the internationally recognized association, Made – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark and IHL – Intelligent Hospitalslogistik – a large project to ensure efficient and lean automated logistics systems within Danish hospitals.

Do you have any questions about Xcelgo or virtual automation software? Please, get in touch with us.