Traditional simulation supports the early design phase as well as the decision-making process. At Xcelgo we extend that approach to support the entire automation system lifecycle.

The game changer is virtual commissioning technologies opening for test of PLC and IT controls testing prior to commissioning, realistic operator training, safe modifications and optimization during operation as well as retrofitting and refurbishment.


Design and development:
Better solution design from simulation has proven to show up to 15% reduction in time. By visualizing the automation project in 3D you also get a stronger design ready to use for sales presentations and project briefings.

The software is the invisible part of your project – thus the part that is most often underestimated. By using emulation for software testing prior to launching an automation project, you can reduce commissioning time and cost by 50-60 % while achieving better quality and process control.

The automation project doesn’t end once the conveyors start running. Through continuous optimization you can gain 3-5 % annual performance on your plant. The emulation also allows hassle free tests of new ideas and final software releases, while being useful for operator training or design changes along the road.

Looking to reactivate old machines or improve the PLC code in an existing setup? For retrofitting your plant and testing new designs in existing models the Experior platform comes in handy for managing improvements and reduces risks of expensive errors.