At Xcelgo, we are proud to announce that we are included in an exclusive group of 17 industrial partners for the IHL project (Intelligent Hospital Logistics). The ambition for IHL is to develop a fully automated logistics system for modern Danish hospitals to make them better and more efficient.

The IHL project includes some specific goals that Xcelgo’s emulation software contributes to obtain. Any employee at the hospital should not walk longer than 25 meters or wait more than 5 minutes to get a specific item delivered. In addition, the project sets high goals to reduce stock inventory through intelligent logistics. That will help hospital staff waste less time and release resources that are better spent at treatment and nursing of patients.

Xcelgo’s software contributes with testing of the advanced logistical workflows through scenario-based testing. It enables other hospital logistics partners to cooperate in identifying bottlenecks as well as testing the software prior to switching to operation mode. Hospital logistics has high accuracy standards and plenty of customized workflows that Xcelgo is able to take into account.

Read more about intelligent logistics and the IHL project (in Danish).