The Event Recorder enables you to record all events such as user events or communication to a log file. Once saved, you can replay all events in your test scenarios whenever and as often as you want to.

Event RecorderThis simple feature reduces manual labor dramatically, especially when working with a complex scenario.

The Event Recorder is useful in various situations:

  • If you want to analyze errors caused by some unintended TCP/IP communication the Event Recorder. Just record once and hand the file over to a colleague for reproducing.
  • If a tester is facing complex debugging, and is struggling to explain the exact flow of events to a developer.
  • If you want to test a scenario that was created months or years ago.
  • And as an extra feature, so you can easily create animations from running log files.

Regardless of the use case, the Event Recorder is a very handy tool for working more efficiently.

We have even built an API so Experior developers can extend this feature to support custom catalogs.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about the Event Recorder.