Demo video: Particle simulation in Experior 7.0

Demo video: Particle simulation in Experior 7.0

Currently, Xcelgo’s developers are working hard to develop the best possible Experior 7.0. That involves many different tasks, but one of the more fun ones is pushing the limits of real-time physics simulation in Experior.

Experior 7.0 will have a new high-end graphics rendering core which paves the way for drawing many more moving items at once – and even moving particles. We’re currently testing particle simulation in Experior 7.0 with a customer who wants to simulate a blast furnace plant which involves simulating and visualizing a lot of different granulated martials moving all at once.

As it is very computationally heavy to simulate so many moving particles at once, particle simulation is quite a challenge. In that context, we’re happy to share the results of our ongoing development of particle simulation in Experior 7.0.

This is not possible in the current versions of Experior, but with the new rendering core in Experior 7.0, we’re able to draw many more moving particles at once – see for yourself:

Particle simulation in Experior 7.0

The first part of the video shows a CPU simulation with 1,000 particles, and the second part shows a GPU simulation with 100,000 particles at once.

This is just an example of the new possibilities with the new rendering core in Experior 7.0 which will allow for simulations of even larger systems and even more moving items than before.