Experior is a modern software development platform for 3D modeling along the life cycle of automation systems. It is designed to assist you in all phases – from the idea and design of the automation system to the testing and continuous optimization phase once the system is in operation.

Within the same software platform Experior supports:

  • Physics simulation
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Modern 3D graphics
  • A wide range of industrial communication means e.g. PLC controls, and IT
  • Integration with company workflow and project data
  • Implementation of own software code as plug-ins

A simple approach to 3D Modeling

Let software developers create the objects needed all at once for fast model building by application users. This can be easily done by pick’n’place of the needed objects or by automatic model generation from company and project data.

If there is no tool: Make it!

By providing a powerful and modern 3D modeling environment to software developers, any 3D modeling tools can be developed for accommodating special needs and requirements. It supports your custom workflows and helps you achieve your goals, be it:

  • Shorten modeling time
  • Increase accuracy in system design
  • Retrofit a new design test in an existing model
  • Incorporate new tools in the company workflow and project execution
  • Experior is a flexible tool for all control levels. This open object oriented platform allows developers to customize by programming in C# using the .NET framework.

Experior comes in different licenses with various features

  • Developer
  • Builder
  • Tester/Run Time
  • OEM