At Xcelgo we develop innovative software for Digital Twin modelling and virtual commissioning of automation systems and provide the necessary service and knowledge for you to reap the benefits of Digital Twins yourself


As automation solutions grow bigger, smarter and more complex, the margin for errors is shrinking.

We know that at Xcelgo. Before we developed our own 3D modeling software platform, we experienced, how control software errors lead to inefficient commissioning phases and expensive downtime.

With different backgrounds in industrial IT, simulation, software development and system commissioning, we put our minds together and developed the 3D modeling software platform Experior.

Our software platform utilizes 3D modeling technology and modern integration technology to create realistic 3D models for control software testing (virtual commissioning), simulation and many other applications throughout the system lifecycle.

At Xcelgo, we understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in the automation industry. That is why, we always make sure to adapt ourselves and our solutions to the reality of our customers and not vice versa.

We also know that not all companies have the resources needed to digitize and innovate on their own. Therefore, we always analyze our customer’s situation to create a solution, where we contribute with the technical skills that the specific customer needs. We understand that we are dependent on each other to succeed.

Together with our customers, we create new, smart and innovative solutions that help push the industry in the right direction – towards the future of production and logistics. That is what we call innovation, and that is what motivates us.


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