Experior 7.0 was the focus at Experior Conference 2019

Experior 7.0 was the focus at Experior Conference 2019

The second ever Experior Conference gathered Experior users to learn more about the new Experior 7.0 and to network with other users.

In the cozy town of Ry – close to Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus – software developers and engineers from all around the world gathered to learn and network around the software tool Experior. This was the second time Xcelgo organized Experior Conference after last year’s successful debut.

A whole day devoted to Experior 7.0

Since Experior Conference 2018, Xcelgo’s developers have been working hard to get the new and improved version of Experior – Experior 7.0 – ready, so this year’s conference attendees could work with the new version.

On the first conference day, participants had the opportunity to do exactly that in a workshop, where Xcelgo employees revealed Experior 7.0 in a beta version and demonstrated new features such as the new WPF-based user interface, the new API and more.

Pictures from Experior Conference 2019

The workshop participants also had the chance to work with the new Experior Remote Viewer that is currently in development and could also view models in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

As is the case with most beta versions, there were of course some technical teething troubles during the workshop, and Xcelgo’s developers are currently working on getting the full-fledged, stable version of Experior 7.0 ready in the new year.

Inspiring presentations from Experior users

On the second day of the conference, Xcelgo stepped off the stage to give way to presentations from Experior’s users.

Different companies presented actual use cases using Experior for both high level and low level emulation, to develop new products and in presales for a prove of concept.

Video from the drone challenges

The Danish technical school AAMS also explained how Experior is used in education and with the Danish company LINCO as the use case, it was illustrated how the educational use of Experior leads young talents to implement Experior in their workplace afterwards.

Networking and saving the city

The conference was also an opportunity for Experior users to get know each other or catch up after last year’s conference.

To kick of an evening of networking, conference attendees were teamed up to complete a series of drone challenges with the aim of saving the city of Ry from an imaginary gas leak – followed by a lovely 5-course conference dinner.