Experior 7.0 update: Experience the new rendering core for yourself

As a part of the upcoming release of Experior 7.0, Xcelgo will introduce a new high-end graphics rendering core.

First and foremost, the new rendering will improve the performance of Experior by applying more modern rendering techniques.

On top af that, the 3D graphics are improved, as the new rendering core deploys better reflection and more realistic shadows – improving the overall photorealism of models in Experior. See for yourself in the video below:

A model of a Riantics system in Experior 7.0

If you want to take the photorealism to a whole new level, Experior 7.0 will also include the possibility to export the model to an external tool for even better graphics – as shown in the pictures to the right.

Also, the user interface of the Experior 7.0 will be WPF based, which will improve the overall performance of the application. The new user interface will also feature new professionally design icons and menus.

Among the notable enhancements to Experior 7.0 you will find:

  • Increased performance
  • New graphics rendering
  • Pure 64-bit application
  • WPF based user interface
  • Professionally designed icons and menus
  • A better and more user-friendly API

Experior model exported to external tool