Distribution centers

Distribution centers

The heart of your logistics system

An efficient distribution center is like an athlete. In order to win, every part needs to work together and perform the best way possible. The first step to achieve results is to know what the limits are and find out ways to optimize performance.

Xcelgo’s Digital Twin modeling software Experior has helped multiple companies with detailed analysis of cartons, totes, and pallet flows across the entire distribution center based on realistic order data, SKU structures, inventory, and forecasts.

The system scope in simulation of distribution centers

  • Inbound to receiving, contour checking and quality check
  • Storage strategies
  • Sequencing of outbound flow
  • Flow to and from manual and automated workstations
  • Housekeeping and optimization

The results

  • Analysis of bottlenecks, buffering, throughput
  • Prediction of performance, utilization, flow time
  • Prediction of production time for wave and batch operation
  • Analysis of sequencing strategies
  • Analysis of inventory levels and re-ordering strategies

Distribution center simulation customers include