Passengers and baggage

Passengers and baggage

Your boarding pass for maximum performance

Getting the right suitcase on board the right flight is not a big deal – as long as all systems are up and running. But what if a conveyor is down or the airport is above capacity? With Xcelgo’s Digital Twin modeling platform Experior your passenger and baggage flows are visualized, which allows for the analysis of future operation and refurbishment strategies.

The system scope in simulation of passengers and baggage flows

  • Simulation of passenger from arrival at check-in, bag drop, security screening, customs, dwell time in terminal area to entering the aircraft at the gate
  • Simulation of baggage process from check-in and bag drop through screening process, early baggage storage, manual encoding to discharge at chutes, including detailed sorting and load planning of individual aircraft types
  • Virtual commissioning of PLC controls and IT SAC controls (emulation)
  • Facilitate Software Development Audition (SDA) and milestone testing during the development process
  • Facilitate virtual factory acceptance test (VFAT) and quality assurance
  • Format VFAT and VSAT with airport professionals and consultants before starting up the system

Customers in passenger and baggage flows include