Virtual commissioning of collaborating ABB robots!

The software is the invisible part of your project – thus the part that is most often underestimated. Virtual commissioning of robotics helps you reduce commissioning time and cost by 50-60% while achieving better quality and process control.

Test the entire process – including the software

  • Test of interfaces and communication between ABB robots and PLC’s, MES, machines, manual workstations, and supporting equipment
  • Test of interface and communication between collaborating ABB robots
  • Full scale virtual commissioning of robotic cells and robots in manufacturing lines
  • Training of work forces for operating robot cells and lines

Robotics virtual commissioning shortens the step from development to operation. Here are the options:

  • Facilitate Software Development Audition (SDA) and milestone testing during the development process, internal virtual factory acceptance test (VFAT) and quality assurance at system suppliers
  • Format VFAT and VSAT with robotic engineers, consultants, and system suppliers prior to acceptance, handover, and going live
  • Safe optimization and retrofitting of running systems by off-line testing changes of equipment and control thoroughly in an emulation setup

Robotics virtual commissioning customers include: