Sneak peek: The new user interface of Experior 7.0

At Experior Conference 2018, Xcelgo’s developers gave attendees a speak peek of the new version of Experior that is under development – Experior 7.0. If you missed out on the conference, here is a video sneak peek of the new application.

In the video, we open Experior 7.0 as it looks in its current state, open a model and demonstrate the ability to view the model in multiple remote viewers.

Remember, Experior 7.0 is still under development, and what you see is in no way the finished application. But at Xcelgo we like to give our users a look inside the engine room of our development process.

Below you will find the most important points raised at the conference about the new user interface and graphics engine of Experior 7.0.

The new user interface of Experior 7.0

  • WPF-based (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern
  • New ribbon bar
  • Modern dock panel
  • New design with professionally designed icons and images
  • Ability to switch between themes

The new graphics engine of Experior 7.0

  • Rendering separated from simulation engine
  • Based on DirectX 11
  • Lighting: Ambient and directional light
  • Soft shadows
  • Supports 32 and 64 bits applications
  • Geometry instancing => better support for many moving objects

Experior headless mode and Experior Remote Viewer

  • Start Experior without 3D graphics – Experior just needs CPU
  • Rendering is done in client software
  • Multiple clients can watch and navigate the same model independently