Xcelgo and Jarpis enter long-term partnership

to implement Experior in the Netherlands

Xcelgo and Jarpis enter long-term partnership to implement Experior in the Netherlands

Xcelgo joins forces with Dutch company Jarpis Software Solutions to provide Digital Twins for Jarpis’ customers to perform realistic software tests.

Projects in industrial automation are often very time critical. 3D models and Digital Twins are thus evolving into business imperatives in the automation sector, and more and more international companies utilize the technology to design, test and optimize automation software, minimizing the time required on site.

One of these companies are the Dutch software developers Jarpis Software Solutions who specializes in developing custom IT solutions. Together with Xcelgo, they now plan to take their automation software solutions to the next level with Digital Twins.

“We are very excited to establish a partnership with Xcelgo to implement Experior in the Dutch market, and we look forward to help our customers improve their efficiency with Digital Twins,” says Floor Swinkels, owner of Jarpis Software Solutions.

Developing Digital Twins is no easy task, and It is essential to understand the complex behavior of a real system to be able to build its Digital Twin. That requires not only knowledge of IT, but also experience in industrial automation:


“We have several years of experience in the industrial automation doing PLC software engineering, and we currently have a significant focus on IT. We believe that this unique combination of experience and knowledge gives us the perfect skillset for this long-term partnership with Xcelgo,” Floor Swinkels says.

The CEO of Xcelgo, Bent Aksel Jørgensen, agrees:

“The team at Jarpis Software Solutions have a strong and powerful background in both automation and software development, and we see them as a perfect match with Xcelgo in terms of experience and innovative profile,” Bent Aksel Jørgensen says and continues:  “That is why we are delighted to partner with Jarpis Software Solutions”.

Jarpis Software Solution plan to develop Digital Twins to help their customers perform realistic emulation tests of automation software early in the development phase:

“Experior does not only graphically simulate the system, there are also many configurable parameters to help customers simulate actual system behavior. This makes Experior extremely precise, and many problems will be handled even before our customer travels to the site,” says Floor Swinkels.

The company also plan to develop new features in collaboration with Xcelgo, such as the possibility to show the emulation remotely, sales simulations and operator training systems using the emulation model. Thus, Jarpis Software Solution hope that Experior will enhance the competitive advantage of the company:

“Experior is a great product that will help us to strengthen our position in the market by advancing our software solutions that combine IT and industrial automation,” Floor Swinkels says.