Easy in-house 3D modeling: From 200 hours to 30 seconds

Executive Summary

Xcelgo’s software platform for 3D modeling, PLC testing and virtual commissioning, Experior, is the primary driver when BEUMER Group develops and integrates a new material handling or baggage handling system. Experior helps ensure a higher software quality and a more efficient and smooth start-up – without the need for in-house modeling experts.


BEUMER Group is an international manufacturer of intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.

As a global leader in the development and integration of logistic systems BEUMER Group needs to deliver the best possible solution every time. And fully automated systems is the only solution and answer in today’s fast moving and very demanding world of intralogistics.

It is a complicated task to make automation systems work, and to coordinate the systems you need sophisticated control software.

Hence it is a vital phase for BEUMER Group to perform integration testing of their system’s control software.


BEUMER Group uses Experior for virtual commissioning of the control software.

In collaboration with the Xcelgo team BEUMER Group have built a virtual catalog of components that fits their own hardware and procedures by modifying and customizing the components in Experior’s catalog.

From these virtual components BEUMER Group’s own technical staff can easily build a Digital Twin of an entire BEUMER Group system in Experior – with no modeling experts needed.

With the Experior software, BEUMER Group can build a new 3D model in less than 30 seconds – a process that required more than 200 hours before implementing Experior.

Experior helps us minimize the amount of unforeseen problems during commissioning by ensuring high quality control software


Lars Guldager Ardal
Senior SW Project Manager, Emulation & Simulation – BEUMER Group


With Experior BEUMER Group can thus perform fast and flexible emulation tests of the PLCs and IT systems to debug or confirm their performance – before they connect them to the live system.

Using a Digital Twin also makes it possible for BEUMER Group to test the limits of the system virtually – without risking machine damage.

By extensively testing their system virtually BEUMER Group ensures a higher software quality and a more efficient and smooth start-up of the system.

After the commissioning phase BEUMER Group can resell the digital twin to the customer, who can use the model as a high-end Test & Operator Training Simulator, or if they need to make changes in the system in the future.



With Experior we can go on-site with tested software, knowing it will work. This has a positive impact on both time and quality


Lars Guldager Ardal
Senior SW Project Manager, Emulation & Simulation – BEUMER Group

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