Experior Education

Digital Twin software for educational use

Make education in automation more exciting, flexible and visual with the Experior Education software package from Xcelgo.

With this software on the curriculum, students can build precise 3D models of automation systems – so-called Digital Twins – and test the system virtually. For instance, you can connect the control software to the Digital Twin to debug or confirm its performance, or use the models for many other tasks, such as testing the cabling, emergency stop, WiFi, installation and commissioning.

Experior is both easy and fun to use. You simply select components from the catalogs, place them on the floor of the 3D environment and assemble the model using a simple drag-and-drop approach that many of young students will recognize from computer games.

The components behave in accordance with the laws of physics, and they will react realistically to friction, gravity and resistance.

Software for Digital Twin modelling is already widespread and sought after in the manufacturing and logistics industry, and the demand only grows with the rise of Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing. Digital Twin technology can bring together automation system data in an easily accessible form and create the seamless information flow that drives Smart Manufacturing.

With the Experior Education software package in the curriculum, the students will work with these concepts that are going to define the factories of the future. Your school will thus contribute to the education of the automation technicians that the industry needs, with the knowledge and digital skills that are in ever-growing demand.

Xcelgo already collaborates with several top-tier schools and universities. For instance, Experior has been used to build Digital Twins of the Smart-Factory at Ostwestfalen Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Germany, the Smart Production Lab at Aalborg University in Denmark and The Production Systems Laboratory at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. You can also click here to read case study from our collaboration with a marine and engineering school.

Experior allows students to:

  • work with an unlimited number of mechanical configurations – without increasing the costs
  • work with updated hardware and software, rather than the often limited systems that they otherwise have access to
  • use 3D models in exam projects
  • scale school projects, as the models are larger and more complex than is otherwise possible
  • offer the companies, they intern at, faster and cheaper optimization or commissioning of automation systems through “virtual commissioning” testing in Experior

Building a Digital Twin of the Smart Production Line at AAU in Denmark

Experior Education for educational institutions will be launched soon and is going to include software licensescustom models and component catalogs and video instructions to use for teaching, student projects, exam projects and research.

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