Case Study: Lyngsoe Systems

Virtual commissioning leads to better quality

Virtual commissioning leads to better quality library material handling solutions

Executive summary

Lyngsoe Systems achieves faster ramp up-time and higher quality solutions for their Library Material Handling Systems with virtual commissioning in Xcelgo’s software platform Experior.


Books come in many different sizes – the same goes for libraries – and thus library material handling systems must be capable of handling different types of materials while supporting various technologies.

For that reason, they don’t have a one-size-fits-all model at Lyngsoe Systems. Every solution needs to fit the customers needs and requirements. That’s why it is an essential process for Lyngsoe Systems to prove their Library Material Handling solution to their customers.

Also, given the complexity of their systems, the commissioning phase of a new project is a key phase for Lyngsoe Systems.


To deal with these challenges, Lyngsoe Systems have partnered up with Xcelgo to work towards using the software platform Experior for simulation and virtual commissioning.

With Experior Lyngsoe Systems can run simulations as a part of their sales process. The sales configurator simulations can quickly and convincingly visualize the capacity and use-value of Lyngsoe Systems’ solutions.

Lyngsoe Systems can also upgrade and reuse the sales configurators in Experior for virtual commissioning – i.e. testing of control software when installing a new Library Material Handling System.

Using a catalog of standardized library material handling system components, Lyngsoe Systems can build a Digital Twin any new system in a few hours and display how the components work together under specific circumstances – with no modeling experts needed.


Systemic tests of the control software with virtual commissioning will provide the engineers at Lyngsoe Systems with crucial insights about the actual setup and help them correct software errors prior to commissioning. The time invested in virtual commissioning will also pay off in shorter on-site commissioning and faster ramp up.

Lyngsoe Systems can also use the detailed 3D Digital Twins to visualize the status of their running systems, so they can provide better support and error tracing.

By using modern Digital Twin modeling software Lyngsoe Systems will demonstrate that they are on the forefront with the digitalization, which differentiates them from many of their international competitors in the business of automated library material handling solutions.



Experior gives us an opportunity to differentiate Lyngsoe Systems from our international competitors in the business, as it enables us to offer our customers better visualizations of our solutions


Christian di Caterino

Development Director, Lyngsoe Systems