Case Study: Riantics

Proof of concept and fast commissioning with Experior

Proof of concept and fast commissioning with Xcelgo’s simulation software platform Experior

Executive Summary
Xcelgo’s software platform Experior provides Riantics with a tool to prove their Layer Picker solution, enable higher software quality and reduce commissioning time.

The automated Layer Picker solution delivered by Riantics can pick whole layers of products from pallet-to-pallet to create customer pallets. Though it is a well-proven technology, it is still essential for Riantics to prove the solution to their customers to confirm the solution concept in an structured and reassuring way.

Given the level of complexity in this automated solution, the integration of IT control systems prior to start-up of a new Layer Picker solution is a key phase for Riantics.

Riantics uses Digital Twins modeled in Xcelgo’s software platform Experior as a proof of concept and to test their control software.

As a tool to prove the solution, Riantics runs simulations in a basic Digital Twin of the system built in Experior. This 3D-model is based on real production data, system capacities and person capacities. The simulations will among other things demonstrate bottlenecks, accumulation needs and the required staffing of the solution.

On the basis of the simulation model, a detailed emulation model of the entire installation is built in Experior to perform virtual commissioning – i.e. offsite test and validation of the control software in parallel with onsite commissioning of the mechanical equipment.

With Experior Riantics can thus perform early, detailed, comprehensive and cost-efficient tests of the Warehouse Control System in good time before the planned onsite ramp-up. This reduces the onsite test and commissioning time of the system and further ensures a short and efficient ramp-up and a higher software quality.

After the commissioning phase, the customer can use the Digital Twin built in Experior to test future changes in the system or as a planning tool to test new business scenarios.



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Klaus Waenerlund Kristensen
Sales Manager, Layer Picker solutions, Riantics A/S

Riantics Simulation in Experior