Case Study: Tricon

Higher quality solutions and faster commissioning

Tricon: Higher quality solutions and faster commissioning

Executive Summary
Tricon achieves higher quality solutions and faster commissioning with Xcelgo’s software platform for virtual commissioning Experior.

Tricon is a leading supplier of automation solutions to several industries – including logistics, transport & sorting systems, servo & motion solutions, machine control systems, process equipment, energy optimizing et cetera.

For Tricon it is vital to produce high-quality automation solutions so that the customer is confident of a positive result at every stage of the project. Given the complexity of Tricon’s automated solutions, the integration of sophisticated control software is a key phase, whenever Tricon delivers or retrofits a system for a customer.

To ensure the highest quality control software and reduce the commissioning time, virtual commissioning in Xcelgo’s software platform Experior is an integrated part of Tricon´s procedure for project execution.

Tricon’s Techsoft division provides the PLC programming for Tricon’s automation solutions, and they have used Experior for virtual commissioning and VAT testing for years.

Together with the Xcelgo team, they have modified Experior’s component catalogs to fit Tricon’s hardware and procedures, and today Tricon’s own developers and PLC programmers easily builds Digital Twins of their automation solutions in Experior on their own – without the need of modelling experts.

With Experior we can ensure a product with fewer errors and a higher quality than before. We are simply better prepared.


Poul Robert Warming
CEO – Managing Director,
Tricon Techsoft A/S

By using Experior, Tricon boosts their competitive edge in retrofitting projects for improving system capacity and capability by optimizing PLC controls. Tricon has amongst other tasks retrofitted the entire conveyors system at Copenhagen Airport – area by area.

High quality virtual commissioning is one of the key factors behind the success of Tricon, as it provides them with several major benefits as listed below:

  • Better quality
    Tricon can provide their customers with solutions that have been thoroughly tested in Experior and are easily put into operation. This leads to higher software quality.
  • Cost optimization
    Emulation tests are cost-efficient, and Tricon employees spend less time on-site when their solutions have been tested with emulation software. By shortening the process of implementation, the costs for the customer is also reduced, as it reduces time spent before return of investment.
  • Deadline control
    With virtual commissioning it is also easier for Tricon to control the projects, as they do not any longer experience as many unexpected surprises of mismatches between the hardware and software configurations.
  • Better working conditions
    Tricon employees also experience several improvements of their working conditions as result of using virtual commissioning. They do not have to spend as much time away from home because of the shortened process of implementation, and they collaborate more with colleagues, because they now spend more of their development time in the office.
  • Increased job satisfaction
    Working with virtual commissioning also makes work much less stressful for the Tricon employees, because they are better prepared before they go on-site. This leads to increased job satisfaction and pride among the Tricon employees.



In all our major projects we use Experior to emulate critical parts of the system – It is simply too big of a risk not to.


Poul Robert Warming
CEO – Managing Director,
Tricon Techsoft A/S