Identify and eliminate bottlenecks!

When designing a new manufacturing plant or assembly line, you want to utilize your equipment the best way possible. Simulation of manufacturing and assembly flows visualizes the entire process and enables you to identify bottlenecks and throughput before entering the operation stage.

Assembly simulation is useful for digital prototyping:

  • Design and analyze new ideas and concepts
  • Visualize equipment, functions, and flows for facilitating review by engineers, consultants as well as the end-user
  • Create show case animation

Performance and flexibility analysis and verification for decision-making

  • Analyze bottlenecks, buffering, throughput, inventory
  • Predict performance, utilization, flow time
  • Verify controls strategies and algorithms for optimization and flexibility

Xcelgo’s simulation software supports the entire automation system lifecycle. This includes:

  • Virtual commissioning of PLC controls, MES interface, ordering, production and OOE reporting
  • Facilitates Software Development Audition (SDA) and milestone testing during the development process, internal virtual factory acceptance test (VFAT) and quality assurance at system suppliers.
  • Format VFAT and VSAT with engineering professionals, consultants, and system suppliers prior to acceptance, handover, and going live.
  • Operator training and optimization
  • Safe optimization and retrofitting of running systems by off-line testing changes of equipment and control thoroughly in an emulation setup.

Customers in Assembly and Manufacturing include: