Development update on Experior 7.0

Here at Xcelgo, our developers are working hard on finishing the new version of Experior, Experior 7.0. In this post, we’ll show you what we’ve been up to and review our development process, since last we updated you.

You can read our latest updates on Experior 7.0 here: Experience Experior 7.0’s new rendering core, Sneak peek of the new user interface and Demo of particle simulation in Experior 7.0.

Since our last update, our developers have been working hard on the three elements of Experior 7.0 that radically improves the new version compared to older versions of Experior:

  • Whole new WPF-based user interface with new ribbon bar, icons and control panel – have a look in the screen dump below
  • New 3D rendering core based on DirectX 11, improving both 3D graphics and performance
  • Moving from a 32-bit application to a 64-bit application, capable of handling even bigger models than before
  • Other than that, our developers have improved the API of Experior

We are working towards having the first beta version of Experior 7.0 ready by the end of September. The rest of the year will be spent helping our customers upgrade their catalogs to Experior 7.0 and getting the full-fledged, stable version ready by new year.